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Fitness Bootcamp in Etobicoke, High Park & Vaughan

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I like how I feel about myself after I complete my classes. I feel strong and fit.
I joined my first Body Buster Program in September of 2011 when my friends decided to do it.  They offered to drive me there and by some sort of accident I said yes.....I was nervous.  I am not one who ever did exercise on purpose. I skied competitively growing up and after my babies I did stroller fitness...and that's it.  So Boot Camp sounded pretty intimidating.  At that time I thought I might do one or two programs MAX.  What happened? It's coming up to two years and I haven't missed a program during that time. Even I am surprised....and...proud.  This has a lot to do with the trainers I have had, the people I have met and, in the end, how I feel about myself and my body as a result.

I like how I feel about myself after I complete my classes.  I feel strong and fit.  I also like the people I see every Tuesday and Thursday - they are a great group of people who are positive and encouraging so I enjoy being with them.  We all laugh but we all also work hard. Both Huy and Lilly are great motivators - their style works for me...a touch of tough love and a lot of positive reinforcement! I'm glad I can be myself and when I'm having a tough morning I am recognized for being there and doing what I can...not called out for doing what I can't.

It's never been about weight loss and inches for me thought I will say I have lost weight and my clothes just fit better overall.  I think I've lost 4-5 lbs  - when I started it was about stamina and strength for me - I am busy as we all are and I just wanted to make sure I was keeping up with all the demands of a given week as a full time working mom.

This is a bit of a mystery.  I will say it's an explicit decision I make to re-commit every three months.  I guess what motivates me to do that is the fact that I have seen results and I know I would not continue to do this for myself on my own.  It's just too lonely that way.  This is something I can fit into my week (though getting up at 5:30 is deadly!) and I feel strong overall as a result.  I also have two kids who are both very athletic and they work hard - their dedication to their respective sports and their willingness to sweat and work hard inspires me to do the same. Finally, my friend Michelle, who started me on this journey, keeps an eye on me - I wouldn't want to let her down! My family is proud of me.  My friends support me and most important I am proud of me 

Funny - my husband asked me just the other day whether I feel healthier as a result of the Body Buster Fitness work I'm doing - and I do! I don't get sick with this and that and my little aches and pains are no longer. When I'm sore these days it's because I've earned that muscle soreness due to hard work - it's a feeling I'm proud of. The other added benefit is that by attending the classes I am impacted in my food choices. Who wants to ruin all that hard work by eating poorly? body doesn't even want the junk as much as it used to!

Let's see...what have I gained....

I've gained confidence and a sense of pride. I joke with my classmates that I am always amazed when I make it to stretch and I've survived another class.  It's never a given!
I can run my km without stopping!
I understand just how hard it is to do what my kids do in their workouts and it gives me a sense of appreciation for them
Strength and definition in my muscles - happy with that

The hardest part is starting - once you're there you will find people are supportive and friendly.  It's not nearly as intimidating as I thought it would be. actually do get better. When I started I could not run that km and I was sure I had no ab it turns out - I can and I do! We all have different goals and the workouts can be tailored to each of us.  It's something you can do for you and it's better than what you were doing before which for me

I've said what I can think of - overall for me it was not about being unhappy with my body image or even with my life balance overall.  It was just about getting stronger and being an even better version of myself. A big thanks goes out to Lilly who always leaves me with a positive thought, a smile and pat on the back.  It's often her voice that helps get me out of bed 'you are strong' she says...and I believe her. 

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